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Using the Online Booking System
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Using the Online Booking System

Q - Why is the next button not activated?

A - To proceed forward within the RIA’s booking system, you need to answer all the compulsory fields which are marked with a red *.

Q - At what point is my booking locked in?

A - Once you have press the “Add to booking” box half way through the booking process, the accommodation is blocked for you as long as your credit card payment is processed within the following 5 minutes.

Q - When is payment needed?

A - Payment is now required at the time of booking whether booking on line, over the phone or in person. Please have your credit card ready when going on line to make a booking.

Q - What if I don’t have a credit card?

A - If you are booking on line, you must make payment by credit card to secure your booking. If booking in person, payment can be made by cash or cheque (if arrival date is not within 14 days).

Q - At what point is my booking locked in?

A - Once you have press the “Add to booking” box half way through the booking process, the accommodation is blocked for you as long as your credit card payment is processed within the following 5 minutes.

Q - Is there a Help Desk?

A- Yes, the RIA Central Reservations office will be able to assist with advice on the booking process. If it is a technical matter concerning your computer or internet link, you may need to contact you internet provider or computer technician direct.

Q - I would like to provide feedback on the Rottnest on line booking system.

A - The RIA is very keen to seek feedback on the on line booking system and you are encouraged to do so via our website at

Q - Why can’t I book my ferry crossing at the same time?

A -The two ferry companies, Rottnest Express and Rottnest Fast Ferries are private operators and completely independent of the Rottnest Island Authority. You are strongly encouraged to make your booking for the ferry as early as possible in order to be able to reach the Island at a convenient time on your chosen day.


Rental Mooring

Q - I have put in my vessel details but the next button is not activated

A – Please make sure that you have selected the correct units of measurement as per information provided on your vessel registration papers.

Q - I have selected my rental mooring. Now what?

A - Once you have selected the rental mooring you want to stay at, press the add to booking button. This will ensure that the selected rental mooring cannot be booked by anyone else.

Q - I want to delete my reserved rental mooring and add another one. How do I do that?

A - To delete the reserved rental mooring, press the “Previous” button and press “Remove from Booking” button. This will now remove the reserved rental mooring from your booking. Now select the rental mooring you would like to reserve, input the required dates and press “add to booking”.



Q - Why can’t I select the travel dates that I want?

A - Accommodation is released for sale one year in advance, at 8:30am on the first working day of the month, for the entire corresponding month of the following year. The only exception to this is when you book a minimum of 5 nights in the open month you can book up to 3 nights in the closed month. If your holiday falls beyond this period, you will need to return to our site at a later date to book your accommodation.

Q - I am trying to book a Cabin or Bungalow for Saturday night but the system is not letting me book

A - During the months of June, July and August (excluding school holidays) a minimum of two nights’ restriction applies to bookings that fall on a Saturday night for Cabins and Bungalows. So if you are trying to book a Saturday night at these accommodations, you need to also book either Friday night or Sunday night as well.

Q - Why can’t I book my accommodation through the availability checker on the first step?

A - The availability checker on the first page is an optional tool provided for our guest’s convenience. This will enable our users to find out if their favourite accommodation is available before they proceed further. However to book the accommodation, you need to proceed to Step 3 of the booking process

Q - I require a wheel chair friendly accommodation. Why can’t I book this online?

A - The RIA has a limited amount of 4 & 6 bed mobility impaired accommodation on the Island. We need to ensure that this accommodation is being utilised by guests with genuine mobility needs. To qualify for consideration you need to have a valid ACROD permit. All requests should be emailed to [email protected] outlining preferred dates & location. If you require mobility impaired accommodation during a ballot period, you must lodge a ballot application through the normal process. Please email separately your mobility impaired request.

Q - My children and I would like to stay at Kingstown Dormitory but I can’t see it as an available option.

A – Only adults 18 years of age and over can book a bed at the Kingstown dormitory. If you are accompanied by children under the age of 18, Kingstown hostel bed will not be shown as an available accommodation.


Pedal & Flipper

Q - How do I book my bike?

A - Once you have entered the number of bikes required, press the configure button to adjust bike hire duration or pick up times and bike riders age and any applicable concession details. Once you have configured your bike hire, add your selection to your booking, by pressing the “Add to Booking” button and enter the details of the person picking up the bikes.

Q - How do I select the bike size that is right for my height?

A - To assist you in selecting the right bike size for your height and frame, please follow the sizing the guide provided below. If you have any concerns, please advise the Bike Hire staff on arrival and they will assist you in ensuring that you are fitted to the bike that is right for your height.

This is a guide only and does not take into account personal flexibility, injuries, range of motion or personal riding style.

To determine your proper frame size, you will need to get an inseam measurement.


Measuring your inseam
Stand with your back against a wall, your bare feet 15cm apart on a hard floor, looking straight ahead.

Place a book between your legs with one edge against the wall, and pull it up firmly into your crotch.

Have a helper measure from the top edge of the book to the floor, in centimetres. Repeat two or three times, for consistency, and average the results to get your inseam length.
76 – 79 cm Inseam measurement 160-167.5cm height Small Bike
79 – 83 cm Inseam measurement 167.5-178cm height Medium Bike
83 – 86 cm Inseam measurement 178-185.5cm height Large Bike
86 - 89 cm Inseam measurement 185.5-195.5cm height X Large Bike

Male Bikes with crossbars should have 2.5 to 5 cm standover clearance.