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Rental Moorings

Q - What are the benefits of using the online booking system to book rental moorings?

A - The online bookings allow you to book when it best suits yourself. The system is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is no queuing on the telephone and you can check availability, pay online. Customers booking their rental mooring online will not need to check in at the Visitors Centre on their arrival as they accept the RIA’s Rental Mooring Terms and Conditions and Indemnity form online at the time of booking their rental mooring.

Q- What if I do not have a computer or access to the internet?

A- Operator assisted booking can still be made by contacting the RIA Central Reservations on +61 89432 9111, Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 5.00pm, excluding public holidays. Please be aware that all customers making a booking by phone will need to arrive at the Visitor Centre on the Island to sign the RIA’s Rental Mooring Terms and Conditions and Indemnity form within two hours of arrival. Failure to do so will result in an infringement.

Q - How will the Rangers know I have rented a mooring?

A- If you book online, you will not require a pink “admission” sticker. The Rangers will be able to check rental mooring bookings online, in real time. Please make sure that you have your booking confirmation slip on your vessel during your stay.

Q - Will I still require a Green Sticker?

A- No. We will no longer be issuing stickers for customers who book online and you will not need to check in at the Visitors Centre on arrival, as the indemnity will be completed in the booking transaction.

Q - What do I have a problem with the mooring or someone else is using it?

A - Contact the Rangers on 0419951635 or attend at the Visitors Centre.

Q - How far in advance can I book my rental mooring?

A - The current booking system will allow you to book up to three calendar months in advance plus 6 days. An example is that if you wanted to book seven days from the 1 to 7 December. On the 1 September, bookings are open from 8.30am.

Q - What information do I require to make a booking for a marine rental facility?

A- Each mooring, weather it is a swing mooring, beach pen or jetty pen have a set of specifications. This ensures your vessel will fit the appropriate space and not endanger your vessel or other vessels around you. These specifications can be found on your Department of Transport vessel registration papers. There are four basic elements required: length, draft (how much water is required to float your vessel), weight and beam (width). Check with you boat manufacturer or boat dealer who can advise you of this information. Measurement can be entered in metric or imperial. Please make sure that you select the appropriate format.

Q - Can I book different locations during my stay?

A- Yes. The online booking system allows users to select the type of mooring and the location that suits their Rottnest holiday. Simply input your arrival and departure dates against the appropriate mooring. Please note that you cannot book two moorings for the same dates.

Q - Can I stay longer than 7 days?

A- Yes. With the introduction of the online booking system, the maximum 7 days stay in any one booking has been waived.

Q - What if I want to stay longer and there are no hire facilities available?

A - There are a number of locations around the island where boat users can anchor free of charge. When anchoring you must be a minimum of 50 metres from another mooring.

Q - What happens if I entered the wrong boat information?

A - You will need to make another booking or seek assistance from the Central Reservation staff to amend your booking. In high demand periods an alternative suitable mooring may not be available. Do not attempt to use the mooring for which your vessel is not suited as it will void your insurance should any damage occurs and your booking can be cancelled without any refund.

Q - What happens if I damage the mooring?

A- Whilst you rent a mooring from the RIA you are responsible for any damage to that mooring which is caused by your vessel.

Q - What happens if I damage another vessel while on a hire mooring or getting to the mooring?

A- The RIA is not liable or responsible for any damage caused by your vessel to another vessel or person. When you accept a marine hire facility you indemnify the RIA from all liability unless stated otherwise or by law.

Q - Can I use a yellow mooring?

A- No. These are for authorised boat users only. Penalties apply if you use them.

Q - Can I raft another vessel along side my vessel?

A - Only on swing moorings are you able to raft another vessel along side, providing that vessel does not exceed 6.75m.

Q - Where can I get more information about boating at Rottnest Island?

A - Each year the RIA publishes a Marine and Boating Guide to assist boat users to enjoy the Rottnest Island Reserve. You can contact the Marine Facilities area on 94329320, visit the web site , speak to a Rangers 0419951635 or visit the Rottnest Island Administration office at E Shed Victoria Quay, Fremantle.


Q - Why introduce on line bookings after all this time?

A - Customer feedback has indicated dissatisfaction with the queues to book for accommodation on the monthly “Open Days” and the need to wait to speak to an operator over the telephone. The on line system should reduce such queues and enable guests to book at a time convenient to them.

Q - I prefer to deal with humans rather than computers.

A - No problem – the RIA Central Reservations is open as in the past from 8.30am to 5.00pm Mon – Fri (excluding Public Holidays). Over the counter bookings can be made at the B Shed Visitor Centre during office hours and at the Visitor Centre on Rottnest Island.

Q - I usually book when I am at Rottnest, can I still do this?

A- Yes – the Visitor Centre at Rottnest will take bookings over the counter just as in the past

Q - Will the monthly “Open Days” still exist?

A - Yes – accommodation will continue to be released at 8.30am (WA time) on the first working day of the month for accommodation bookings for the same month the following year. Whether booking on line, by telephone or over the counter, accommodation will become available at the same time. It is expected that with the on line option now available, premium units may be sold more quickly.

Q - Will everything sell out within minutes of becoming available?

A- On the busy Open Day, prime slots and accommodation may sell more quickly.

Q - Can someone else book on line on my behalf?

A - Absolutely, they will need to fill in all your contact details and make payment at the time of booking.

Q - Can you make more than one booking at the same time?

A- Yes, as over the telephone, a second booking can be made at the same time as long as you have the full details of the second keyholder to enter.

Q - Can I reserve a specific unit on line?

A- Definitely, RIA accommodation is still booked by unit number. If the one that you are looking for is not available, the booking system will suggest an alternative in the same area.

Q - How can I ensure that my friend gets the unit next door?

A- If you want to be absolutely sure, you can book both units at the same time although you will need to pay for both at once.

Q - What are the charges if I need to cancel?

A- The main other changes relate to the cancellation charges which are as follows whether you have booked on line, over the phone or in person: 

  1. 14 nights after the booking has been made and more than 14 nights prior to arrival – equal to 50% of the first nights charge will be retained.
  2. 3 - 14 nights prior to arrival – equal to 100% of the first nights charge will be retained.
  3. 48 hours prior to 2pm arrival – the full amount will be retained.

Q - What if I need to change my booking?

A- If you want to shorten your booking it counts as a cancellation. If you want to lengthen the booking or change address, there is no additional fee other than the cost of the accommodation itself.

Q - I only want to shorten my booking by one night. There is no point as I won’t get a refund.

A- In some circumstances it may be better to leave the booking unchanged and take advantage to check out as late as you like on the day of departure or as early as you like on the day of arrival.

Q - I made the booking and now I cannot go, can someone else take it up?

A-Yes, bookings can be transferred as long as 24 hours written notice is provided. However, transfer of bookings is not permitted during ballot periods.  A spouse or partner can check in instead as long as photo ID confirms the address is the same as the original keyholder.

Q - Can I book access friendly accommodation on line?

The RIA has a small number of access friendly units which cannot be booked on line. If you require one of these units, you will need to telephone the Central Reservations office on 9432 9111 for further details of the application process.

Q - Can I book on line for the Summer and Easter ballots?

Ballot applications have been largely submitted on line for some years. As the applications for the ballots are made closer than one year before the arrival date, the system will prevent you from making a normal booking over a ballot period.

Q - Why can’t I book my ferry crossing at the same time?

The two ferry companies, Rottnest Express and Rottnest Fast Ferries are private operators and completely independent of the Rottnest Island Authority. You are strongly encouraged to make your booking for the ferry as early as possible in order to be able to reach the Island at a convenient time on your chosen day.

Q - Will I still receive a Confirmation Letter and Welcome Pack?

You will receive an e mail for all correspondence including your welcome pack. The e Welcome Pack will include a link to all essential information including Ferry travel and luggage label details. If I do need to speak to somebody about an existing booking, what information will I need?

When calling the Central Reservations Office, please have the Opera booking number as indicated on your booking confirmation to hand.

Bike Hire


Bikes and Hire Equipment

Q - How do I know what size bike I need?

A - The sizing guide provided on the booking site is a great place to start. Based on your height, you will fit into one of four sizing categories that will give us a good indication of the bike size you will need. But don’t worry too much – once you arrive at Bike Hire, our highly trained staff will ensure that you are correctly fitted to a bike.

Q - What sort of bikes do you have available for hire?

A - Rottnest Bike Hire stocks an assortment of men’s and women’s mountain and traditional-framed bikes. All bikes available through our online booking system are multi-geared.

Q - Can I book a child trailer or a bike with a baby seat online?

A - Unfortunately at this time, these options are not available to customers booking online. All specialty equipment other than standard bikes will need to be hired in person at Rottnest Bike Hire. Child trailers and baby seats have maximum weight restrictions, and a $100 refundable security bond also applies to the hire of trailers.

Q - Can I book a tandem bicycle or adult tricycle online?

A - No, due to limited availability of these specialty items, we are currently unable to offer them for hire via our online booking facility. To hire a tandem or tricycle, you will need to attend Bike Hire in person when you arrive at Rottnest. Adult tricycles are restricted to the main settlement areas of the Island and both trikes and tandems attract a $50 refundable security deposit.

Q - My child needs a bike with training wheels, is this an option?

A- We do stock a range of smaller children’s bikes with training wheels; however you will have to attend Bike Hire in person to hire this equipment, due to sizing and availability limitations.

Q - I don’t have a credit card. Can I still book bikes online?

A - No. Unfortunately the online booking system only supports Visa and MasterCard payments at this time. If you wish to pay for your bikes using cash or EFTPOS you will need to visit Rottnest Island Bike Hire in person to hire your bikes.

Q - What happens if I cancel my booking?

A - The main other changes relate to the cancellation charges which are as follows whether you have booked on line, over the phone or in person:

  • More than 7 days prior to bike pick up : No charge
  • 3-7 days prior to pick up : $15.00
  • 2 days or less prior to pick up: full payment will be retained

Q - Can I make a change to my booking?

Yes, you can modify your booking once payment has been made.

Q - How do I collect my hired bikes?

A- Once you arrive on the Island, you will need to visit Rottnest Bike Hire to collect your bikes. Just a short stroll from the ferry jetty, we are located behind Hotel Rottnest. Once you enter, follow the signs to the “Online Booking Quick Pickup” area to sign your hire agreement and collect your bikes. Please remember to bring with you your booking confirmation slip, photo identification, and any concession cards you have used in making the booking. It is also important to note your collection time as specified in the booking, so that your bike will be ready for you when you arrive.

Q - When do I need to return my bike?

A - The return time for your bikes will be the same as your allocated collection time, listed on your booking confirmation slip. For example: for overnight visitors, if you have opted to collect your bikes at 10:00am, they will be due back at 10:00am on your day of return. If you are a day-tripper and have hired your bike for the day only, the staff at Bike Hire will advise you of your return time when collecting your bike.

Q - What happens if I return my bike late?

A - If you fail to return your bike on the due date and time, you will be charged the hourly hire rate, up to a maximum of one day’s hire charge until the bike is returned.

Q - What happens if I return my bike early?

A - We do not routinely provide refunds for early return of hired bikes.


General Cycling and Island Information

Q - Do I have to wear a helmet on Rottnest Island?

A - Yes. Bicycle helmets are compulsory under Western Australian law and must be worn by all cyclists. Police may issue on-the-spot fines for not wearing one. Helmets are supplied with all equipment hired.

Q - Do I need to lock up my bike?

A - Yes. Your hire bike is your responsibility. Please lock your bike at all times when left unattended and make sure you do not leave any accessories (helmets, gel seat covers, etc) on the bike when you leave it. If you do not lock your bike and it is stolen or damaged, additional charges will apply.

Q - How long does it take to cycle around the Island?

A - The Island is very hilly! It can take 2 to 5 hours to cycle around the entire Island, depending on your fitness level and the number of stops you make. The shorter road is 18 kilometres long and the longer road is 24 kilometres. There are large maps situated along the roads to help you find your way, and smaller maps are available free from the Bike Hire staff. Please note: there is no drinking water and no shade outside the settlement area. If you plan to ride around the Island, please ensure you have water, a hat and sunscreen to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey.


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Q - What browsers and minimum versions are supported by this site?

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